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Credit Card Chips, Scam Alerts, & Account Security

Your financial security is important to the ILA 1351 FCU family. Below, you'll find information on some of our initiatives to safeguard your money, your accounts, and your identity.

Card and Chip Reader

Credit Card Chips

That new microchip in your credit and debit cards is called an EMV chip, and it marks a significant leap forward in protecting you against debit and credit card fraud when making in-store purchases. EMV stands for Europay MasterCard Visa and refers to debit and credit cards that contain a special microprocessor chip. EMV chip cards protect against fraud by providing strong transaction security features not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. By storing your card's data on a chip, your account information can be changed dynamically with every use.

Why the Switch? When our members' cards are compromised, ILA 1351 FCU bears the brunt of the associated costs, even though we (and members like you) are not at fault. This migration to EMV chip debit cards is a big step toward minimizing these losses and protecting our members. Remember — as a member, financial savings for ILA 1351 FCU are returned to you in the form of better rates and other member benefits.

Scam Alert

There have been several reports of text message scams targeting people in the Houston area. As a precaution, ILA 1351 FCU recommends not responding to any suspicious text messages, especially those that ask for your card number or other personal information. If you wish to verify the validity of an ILA message, please contact us at 281-470-1813.

Important Notice To Members Regarding All Visa Debit Card

Due to the enormous amount of debit card fraud, effective immediately all online transactions and some high areas of risk, such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Target will require a PIN. ILA will require debit card users to enter their personal PIN for all debit card and online transactions. If you've forgotten your PIN and need to reset your PIN, please contact the credit union at (281) 470-1813 extension 14 and talk to a Credit Union Representative.

Fraud (for Cardholders - Lost or Stolen Debit Cards Contact (855) 961-1602

Important Debit Card Tips

Keep your money and your accounts safe with these tips:

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  • Treat your card like cash.
  • Keep your PIN a secret.
  • ATM transactions and PIN debit purchases require the use of a secret code known as a personal identification number or PIN. Memorize your PIN, and never write it on your card or store it with your card. Never let someone else enter your PIN for you.
  • Do not disclose information about your card over the telephone.
  • No company or individual needs to know your PIN — not even your financial institution. If you perform transactions over the telephone using your ATM or debit card, never disclose your PIN.
  • Never disclose information about your card in response to an unsolicited email or request.
  • Email is a common channel for fraud perpetration. Never provide your debit or credit card number, PIN or any response to non-public personal information to any entity in response to an unsolicited e-mail or request.

ILA Debit Cards — If You Haven't Ordered Your Visa Debit Card or ATM Card, Please Stop By & Speak To a Representative

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