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From the gas pump to the grocery line, it seems as if prices are going up everywhere.
But you don’t have to dread holiday shopping. We're offering special rates on our credit cards to give your more purchasing power and great benefits:

  • •A low rate when other financial institutions and retail chains are tightening credit and raising rates
  • The ease and convenience of using your credit card at a variety of stores and online shopping outlets
  • The safety of shopping with a credit card, which offers extra protection in case of billing disputes
  • The flexibility to pay your balance in full or in several payments over time
    The ability to monitor purchases through your monthly statements
  • In addition, we monitor debt and credit card accounts carefully to guard against identity theft.

Manage Your Credit Card - Click here to manage online

Need quick information about your CU Credit Card?  It's easy to obtain information, ask questions, or even make payments on your cards through the Internet.  But is it safe?  With other companies you just don’t always know but with your CU credit card the answer is "YES" when you use GoToMyCard


Take advantage of great rates and these other benefits by using your ILA 1351 Federal Credit Union “New” MasterCard. Stop by your Credit Union to pick up an application or click here to download credit card application and disclosure.